IT projects are inherently complex.

There are lots of technologies, many vendors, the scope will change, timelines will extend, and costs will often increase throughout the lifetime of the project.

At Jumar, we remove that complexity and deliver outcomes for our clients.


Jumar provides an entirely agnostic integrated service offering, using whatever technologies, whatever suppliers, whatever product we need to deliver our client’s outcome.

We really understand digital transformation and the importance of aligning IT programmes with the business strategy.


In today’s world, your business needs change very rapidly. Jumar is structured to enable us to move in step with these changes.

We promote the adoption of agile practices. This enables us to be both responsive and decisive when working with clients.

Jumar is agile enough to be able to conduct engagements at reasonably short notice, whilst at the same time we can tap into a broad ecosystem of architects, business analysts, project managers and our developers.

Through our PMO capability, we provide analytics, reports and dashboards, making sure that all information is tracked in a timely manner to feedback to the customer.


We’ve been focusing on how to bring the most value to our clients.

It’s all about having the right people, with the right skillsets, supported with the right process and governance, and the right tooling to be able to deliver best-practice regardless of what the client engagement is.

And at Jumar, we have that team.


Interested in how Jumar can help you with your project challenges?

Call 0121 788 4550 or contact us online today. 

We can provide a complete team to manage your project from inception to completion, or, you can use only the resources you require via our Capability-as-a-Service offering.

If you’re looking to build your own capability, Jumar’s recruitment division will work with you to grow your team and find talented IT professionals.