Preparing for IR35 (Register for workshop)

Tuesday November 20th, 2018

In the budget in October, it was announced that the IR35 ‘off payroll’ rules will be extended to the private sector from April 2020.
That means that organisations in the private sector, of a medium and large size, will have to […]

Attracting Generation Z

Thursday November 15th, 2018

Generation Z is knocking at the door of the IT industry.
Composed of those born between 1995 and 2010, this mobile-minded generation will soon become your employees, your customers, and your competition.
Whilst millennials are considered to be digitally savvy, Gen Z […]

Jumar’s Integrated Service Offering

Thursday November 8th, 2018

IT projects are inherently complex.
There are lots of technologies, many vendors, the scope will change, timelines will extend, and costs will often increase throughout the lifetime of the project.
At Jumar, we remove that complexity and deliver outcomes for our clients.

Jumar […]

Why use psychometric profiling in your recruitment process?

Thursday November 1st, 2018

There’s only so much you can tell from a CV.
It’s the interview that really allows you to explore what a candidate can bring to your business. Right? Well, not quite.
We believe that good recruitment is a combination of art and […]

The impact of quantum computing

Wednesday October 31st, 2018

Since the 1960s, the power of computers has grown exponentially, whilst the parts have gotten smaller and smaller.
Many of those involved in the tech industry correctly predicted a rapid rate of growth of computer power over the years. More recently, […]

No deal Brexit and your data

Monday October 29th, 2018

Author: Chris Weston
This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

You would be forgiven for looking at the news about Brexit and taking a view that it’s somebody else’s problem, and that when “they” finally decide what is going to happen next they […]

Would you benefit from a Capability as a Service agreement?

Thursday October 25th, 2018

Jumar’s Capability as a Service offering can support your organisation through the provision of highly-skilled IT professionals within a tailored engagement. It ensures a high quality, cost-effective service, that exceeds expectations.

There are many client challenges that a Capability as a […]

Preparing for automation in the workplace

Thursday October 18th, 2018

The replacement of jobs by machines has been happening continuously since the Industrial Revolution, but there is growing speculation that the figures are set to boom over the next decade.
Last year saw IT giant Infosys release 11,000 jobs due […]

How to reduce new hire failure

Friday September 28th, 2018

No one wants their new employees to fail. When you invest time and money to find the right person for your business, the last thing you want to do is go through the hiring process all over again.
We spotted a […]