Author: Chris Weston

After many years of working with IT teams in organisations big, small and in between, I know that this is the time of year when budget decisions start to bite. Capacity planning in technology departments is never an easy job. So, when those new projects, company acquisitions or customer requirements drop into the schedule, IT looks toward quality contract resource.

The contract pool is a great source of talent and it’s a sensible option for meeting peaks in demand, with the added benefit that you can quickly dial it down when activity decreases.

It’s not always as easy as that, though. We find that the IT teams that we support can suffer bottlenecks throughout their process. Adding capacity to one area solves a short-term problem but doesn’t always achieve an increase in the number of delivered projects.

Recently, IT teams have become expected to work with ever-changing technologies. Perhaps it’s an integration with customer or supplier systems, or a rapid deployment of customer-facing technology to support a new business initiative. When requirements are unexpected, an in-house team does not always have the relevant skills or experience.

Typically, a successful business project will go through the following stages:

  • Need identified
  • IT team gathers requirements
  • Broad solution definition
  • Business case agreed and budget allocated
  • Project initiated
  • Detailed solution definition
  • Solution build
  • Deployment, testing, etc.
  • Solution goes live
  • Project completed

The skills required for the IT function throughout the process are varied. Without a large IT team with diverse skillsets, projects can often suffer. Permanent employees could be trained but this takes time and temporarily decreases output. Contractors can be more cost-effective but less likely to be invested in the organisation, with their focus solely on the task at hand.

This was the thinking behind Jumar Solutions development of an alternative with its Capability-as-a-Service model.

Capability-as-a-Service combines Jumar’s expertise in technology recruitment and its IT projects division to provide high-quality teams that can deliver a project from inception to completion. The teams dovetail with in-house counterparts, supported by Jumar’s project management office to provide day-by-day progress reporting.

Where mature processes don’t exist the CaaS solution aims to leave a lasting legacy of best practice, agility and robust delivery. Where capacity exists in-house the Capability-as-a-Service offering can fill the gaps, removing bottlenecks and allowing the business need to be fulfilled in good time.

The most common composition of the CaaS teams is a combination of Jumar employees and associate consultants. These associates are part of Jumar’s wider network, people that are known and reliable. This setup enables the team to hit the ground running every time and deliver consistent results.

To discuss how Capability-as-a-Service could bring value to your organisation, contact Jumar today on 0121 788 4550 or online here.