Jumar Solutions is a global IT services and solutions company, providing a unique combination of IT recruitment services, legacy modernisation technology and application development services. It was founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the UK.

The IT recruitment division has grown organically over many years, largely thanks to referrals, recommendations and its reputation in the marketplace. So much so, we have recently taken on new staff and opened an office in the North West to improve our service yet further. We have placed candidates in a wide variety of sectors, but attribute our success to a genuine philosophy of getting to know our clients and candidates. Many recruitment companies claim to do this. We just do it.

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Jumar’s solutions division has grown out of our reputation to carry out complex IT transformation, modernisation and re-platforming projects for clients around the world. From our heritage in the computer-aided software engineering tool, CA Gen, we have evolved over the years to undertake a range of projects in varied technologies. While undertaking such assignments, we identified the benefits of automating complicated, often error-prone manual tasks, and therefore developed our Jumar MAPS suite of automation software which is used around the world to save considerable time, money and frustration when transforming enterprise-scale systems.

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Global presence

The company’s international portfolio of over 150 clients includes organisations ranging from local businesses to large corporates and government departments.

Its Australian subsidiary – based in Sydney – enables Jumar to provide services across the globe, and Jumar has worked with high-profile clients in more than 35 countries. A fast-growing, dynamic company, it has won the Deloitte Fast 50 award, three times in succession.

Jumar MD Wendy Merricks PresentingJumar MD Wendy Merricks presentation at the Jumar annual conference, Summer 2017

Jumar MAPS (the new name for our award-winning Project Phoenix software solution) is deployed around the world, supported by a range of unique reporting and productivity tools. These tools have been developed in direct response to customer situations and client-led demand.

Jumar’s philosophy is to focus on providing creative solutions to solve real problems that require unique approaches… all while providing demonstrable cost reductions and ROI.

“Where does the name Jumar come from?”

picture of a jumar, a mountaineering tool

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. What does Jumar mean? How did you get the name?

A jumar is something you’ve probably seen before, but you just didn’t know what it was called. It’s a piece of mountaineering equipment used for ascending a rope while climbing.

The word ‘jumar’ has also spawned its own verb – and mountaineers and climbers are often described as ‘jumaring’ when they’re using one of these devices.

When we were choosing the name for the company, we wanted something intriguing – and so we chose Jumar. We’d like to think that it was chosen because it reflected our clients’ ability to move onwards and upwards – but actually, one of our Directors came across the term in a climbing magazine, and we just thought it was a great name. And it’s one we’ve all grown very fond of since.