Peaks and troughs in IT project demand can prove to be a real challenge in terms of resourcing.

Peaks result in competing pressures from different operational areas.

And troughs bring the pressure of carrying the cost of under-utilised resource to provide capacity and retain business knowledge.

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Using contract resources has traditionally been one of the most effective ways of dealing with this for many years.

However, this often creates an unwelcome management overhead, as recruiting and maintaining resources provides a distraction from achieving the project outcome.

Jumar’s Resource Augmentation offering solves this, by putting in place a resourcing framework that drives delivery throughput and accuracy by leveraging proven processes under agreed SLAs.

This allows us to satisfy your project demand from our extensive network of resources with a broad spectrum of skills and expertise.

Diagram showing Flexible Managed Service breakdownWe invest in understanding the project and organisational context of your required outcome (as well as the wider IT strategy) in order to deliver on it consistently.

This understanding comes from a combination of highly experienced recruitment professionals and input from Jumar’s own full lifecycle technical delivery organisation.

A core benefit is that we can react very quickly to peaks in demand, providing quality, timely resources – a skill honed over more than ten years of offering our Flexible Managed Service.

Our teams of resourcing specialists achieve very fast turnaround times and, client depending, often source, select and on-board resources with little or no involvement from the client.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible resource options
  • Project risk is reduced by ensuring adequate staffing levels
  • Control of project budgets is maintained
  • Significant reduction in management time and effort
  • More cost-effective use of resources
  • Focus on skills and working culture fit
  • Continuity of technical and business knowledge
  • Effective knowledge transfer
  • Faster response to new resource requirements
  • A philosophy of “innovation as standard”.
  • Service improvements and added value offerings are constantly created and made available to our entire client base.


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