Legacy technology regularly gets a bad press.

The term ‘legacy’ tends to have negative connotations as being old, inflexible and irrelevant.

We see this differently. We also recognise that many IT providers will often propose wholesale replacements of legacy systems with their own platform. However, this ignores the opportunity to harvest significant value from your existing applications which are often strategic and business critical.

For certain technologies, we have invested heavily in developing our own automated modernisation tools to deliver accelerated, de-risked transformation.

While we understand the motivation to modernise legacy technologies, we also appreciate that you have made a huge investment in them. Our decades of experience in enterprise-scale legacy transformation, combined with a standardised roadmap-based approach, enables you to:

  • modernise existing applications
  • harvest and expose specific business functionality to consume elsewhere
  • simplify tightly-coupled systems to promote reuse
  • expose business rules as services
  • build new web interfaces

…or any combination of the above.

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