Retail has an exciting future, but it needs to evolve. 

As online retailer sails continue to soar, the number of shoppers with online devices in their pockets are rising too. These constantly connected customers expect a seamless omni-channel shopping experience.

If you’re transforming the way your business operates, Jumar can help make the most out of digital tools.

Emerging technologies

With technology, the retail industry is reimagining processes and enhancing customer experiences. Jumar can help your organisation connect better with your customers and use the data to gain an advantage.


Consultancy and advisory

Jumar’s strategic advisors can analyse your organisation and its challenges, and help you overcome them with cost-effective solutions.


Scalable and robust solutions

Be confident that your systems can accommodate growth without compromise. The Jumar team design solutions that meet your future needs as well as your current ones.


Recruitment for IT professionals

Jumar’s recruitment division has been helping organisations find the best IT talent since 1999. Talk to us about your resourcing needs. 

Jumar’s in-house solutions division can provide a complete team to manage your project from inception to completion, or, you can use only the resources you require via our Capability-as-a-Service offering.

If you’re looking to augment your own capability, Jumar’s recruitment division will work with you to grow your team and find talented IT professionals.

Development challenges

Our consultative approach to development enables us to truly understand – and deliver on – your business need.

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Contract recruitment

It’s all about the network: that’s the key to Jumar's recruitment division providing the best IT contractors.

We have spent years building up a quality, trusted network of contractors across all areas of Software Development and Business Change

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