With increased access into the legal profession, firms are facing stiffer competition.

Alongside the uncertainty of Brexit, and the increasing cybersecurity risks, challenging times are ahead for the legal industry.

Data insights

Data volumes are continuing to grow in legal functions. Jumar can help you to process large volumes of data quickly, extracting the insights that your business needs to grow.


Boost productivity with AI

Legal firms can leverage AI tools to complete the more onerous and mundane data tasks that employees face. Work that no longer brings in as much revenue, such as document management and correspondence, can be automated to reverse declining productivity and increase fee income per lawyer.


Data vulnerabilities

Data breaches or leaks happen often in the legal industry. With growing numbers of devices and associated vulnerabilities, organisations have more access points for a potential breach. A report concluded that 40% of surveyed law firms had experienced a data breach in 2016 and did not know about it. Jumar can help you to identify your sensitive data and establish a security policy to protect it.

Whatever your challenges, you can benefit from Jumar Solutions’ unique organisational structure.

Our in-house solutions team can manage your project from inception to completion, or, you can use only the resources you require via our Capability-as-a-Service offering.

If you’re looking to build your own capability, Jumar’s recruitment division will work with you to grow your team and find talented IT professionals.

Build your team

Our in-house IT delivery professionals are always on hand to add an unparalleled layer of technical expertise to the recruitment process, from initial requirement-gathering, through to interviewing and competency testing.

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Development challenges?

Our consultative approach to development enables us to truly understand – and deliver on – your business need.

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