Improving services while simultaneously reducing costs: a challenge common to all government IT departments.

At Jumar Solutions, we’ve been supporting government clients to simplify and improve their IT estate with sustainable transformation projects.

Our dedicated Public Sector teams instinctively understand the pressures on with public sector IT projects.

Doing more with less

At a time when the public sector is coping with unprecedented demand for services, there is pressure to cut budgets whilst maintaining a heavy workload. “Doing more with less” is a challenge, but also an opportunity. Jumar works collaboratively with all relevant Public Sector stakeholders to leverage the right digital solutions to increase project efficiency.


Modernising processes

With the Public Sector facing a range of critical IT modernisation issues, it is vital that suppliers have a deep-level knowledge of the most appropriate technology solutions – combined with an understanding of delivering solutions in the Government sector.

Jumar has done this for more than 20 years.

An incremental approach to IT modernisation is often favoured, but this can result in areas becoming disconnected and users frustrated with the rate of change. Jumar works with clients to redefine the approach to IT projects, in order to reduce complexity and increase productivity.


Prioritising projects for the future

Jumar Solutions’ Business Analysis team seeks to understand the demands of your organisation and how they could evolve. With a practical strategy, the team works with you to prioritise the projects that will deliver the greatest value.


SC cleared IT professionals

Jumar’s recruitment division has been providing skilled IT resources (as managed teams, contractors, or on an ad-hoc basis) to Government projects for many years.  The company employs its own dedicated team to support candidates through security clearance checks and on-boarding.  This also gives access to a network of security-cleared IT professionals that have worked with us previously.

Government Frameworks: Facilitating delivery

Jumar has been successful in being awarded a place on a number of Government procurement frameworks – administered by Crown Commercial Service: G-Cloud, DOS and PSR (formerly Contingent Labour One).  Our team has significant Public Sector expertise, and provide a complete team to manage projects from inception to completion, or by providing a tailored range of offerings under the Capability-as-a-Service offering.

Jumar’s recruitment division works closely with the Public Sector Resourcing framework stakeholders – as well as sourcing Specialists under DOS3 –  to provide a responsive, high-quality service to a range of Public Sector clients.

Jumar is a supplier on the following Crown Commercial Service frameworks:

G-Cloud 10

Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 3

Public Sector Resourcing Framework

Modernising Legacy Applications

Due to our client's high dependence on its legacy application, Jumar needed to ensure this critical technology was future-proofed and deployed to a fully supported platform.

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Architectural Support

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Development challenges?

Our consultative approach to development enables us to truly understand – and deliver on – your business need.

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