In the modern world of clients and servers, operations and services, business logic units are created independently of any user interface. These logic units need to be tested and their developers often spend a significant proportion of their time creating test interfaces or ‘harnesses’ for this purpose. A harness allows a tester to enter information which can be passed to the operation being tested as input, to execute it, and to display any results or output.

Creating these harnesses is repetitive, uninteresting and time-consuming work and the harnesses themselves are of no use other than for testing. Test Harness Generator creates them automatically within CA Gen models, releasing developer resources to concentrate on what’s really important – getting the business rules right.



Creating a test harness for an Action Diagram in CA Gen would normally involve the following steps:

  • Creating a client Procedure Step.
  • Creating import and export views for the client Procedure Step to match those of the Action Diagram or server Procedure Step to be tested.
  • Creating a window layout to incorporate all the import and export views so input data can be entered and resulting exports viewed.
  • Adding window controls and event logic to execute the operation.
  • Creating a server Procedure Step, again with corresponding import and export views.
  • Calling the server Procedure Step from the client Procedure Step and matching all the views.
  • Adding the call to the Action Diagram to be tested.
  • Packaging the client and server Procedure Steps.


This would typically be at least an hour’s work, more for a complex Action Diagram. Test Harness Generator does all of this, for as many Action Diagrams as required, in just a few mouse clicks. Used across a development organisation, the saving in time and effort can be tremendous, making a very significant difference to developer productivity.


Quality is assured

Because they are created by automation, the test harnesses are also certain to be bug-free, so you can always be confident in your test results. Further, there’s no need to worry about tracking and fixing bugs in the harnesses themselves – work which is often required but adds no value at all to the application.

Since the test harnesses can be generated in seconds, there’s also no need to maintain them, they can simply be deleted and re-created if the inputs or outputs of the operation being tested should change.

The generated test harness client Procedure Step includes one window containing enterable import views (including group views) and a second separate window for displaying the resulting export. views.


Customising to your standards

All the names of the CA Gen model objects created by Test Harness Generator are configurable, so you can define your site standards to be used by the tool once and they will then always be applied. Packaging can be windowed or co-operative, as required.

Test Harness Generator has been created with the needs of the developer in mind. It is simple to use and requires no training. An experienced CA Gen developer can typically be using their first automatically generated test harness within minutes of opening the program for the first time.


More information

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