The model of health

Businesses have always demanded reliable, scalable and robust IT systems. They have to be agile, flexible and able to effectively meet fast-changing business requirements.

CA Gen, a Computer Aided Software Engineering application development environment, was launched in the late ‘80s to meet this challenge head on.

As a result, large numbers of enterprise, mission-critical applications around the world have been built using CA Gen over the last two decades. Many of the systems implemented are amongst the most successful in the world.

CA Gen is a model-based technology and, as such, the health of its models is as critical to a business as the health of the systems that have been generated from them. Unfortunately, over time some of the models can become bloated, complex and suffer from neglect. This is a latent business risk and one that can blunt the overall effectiveness of a CA Gen solution.

The results of this deterioration in the models are reduced productivity and increased total cost of ownership of the solution. It can also make it harder to plan and manage upgrades and technical refresh projects – and hence inflate the costs and risks involved in these.


Project planning

Effective planning helps to identify and quantify the issues that relate to specific types of projects. Whether it’s a new enhancement project, a move from one style of application to another, a componentisation initiative, or an upgrade project, it’s important to pinpoint the areas of complexity where specific focus is required and identify where improvements can be made to your current models. Healthier models will help to increase the business responsiveness of the CA Gen development teams by improving developer productivity.

However, a manual review here may take a considerable amount of time.

An automated solution could be carried out in a relatively short timescale and avoids the problems associated with human error.


Enter: Jumar’s Model Assessment Service

The automated nature of the Jumar CA Gen Model Assessment Service allows for the analysis to be carried out in less time and with less staff than a manual analysis and capture all instances of potential issues where the human eye may well miss things. This makes the process cost effective for you.

Automated Resolution gives you sound planning estimates to enable you to understand how much any new project will cost and how long it will take.

Ultimately, Jumar’s Model Assessment is designed to help you maximise your investment in CA Gen.


Fit for purpose

The tools and techniques developed by Jumar Solutions to address modernisation issues have grown directly out of real customer situations. They continue to evolve with every customer engagement as ever more information is captured by our automated analysis tooling. This makes our project estimates more accurate as we feed in numbers from real projects. Our customers can have confidence that our tried and tested solutions will provide them with maximum business benefits.

For more information on how Jumar can help with your CA Gen projects, talk to Mervyn today.