Automated modernisation


Jumar MAPS is a unique collection of software tools and consultancy services focused on the modernisation, upgrade and re-platforming of existing CA Gen application portfolios. 

Previously known as Project Phoenix, Jumar MAPS is more than simply a new name.  It represents a major step forward in the functionality and productivity of Jumar’s world-class automation software. See some of our new features (right).

We believe that, in most cases, the software assets contained within legacy applications can and should be re-used if the business rules are still valid. But historically many organisations have found the re-factoring work necessary to achieve re-use simply too difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Jumar MAPS has been created to solve this problem. Built originally to support 100% automated modernisation of CA Gen applications, the principles at the core of Jumar MAPS have been developed by experts, proven in major organisations on four continents, and are continually being extended to support modernisation scenarios in other technologies.

MAPS-box-multi-disc-smallerMany organisations have made a very large investment in CA Gen and other legacy systems.  Jumar MAPS automates the modernisation, replatforming or rewrite of these, often mission critical, applications.

Find out more about the features and benefits of Jumar MAPS, as well as its new capabilities and additional functionality to keep pace with ever more complex IT transformation challenges.

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MAPS-box-multi-disc-smallerJumar MAPS is a collection of legacy modernisation automation software, divided into three categories:


Find out more about how these tools complement each other, and how they are used in the most appropriate combination, so that ant legacy modernisation project can be tailored to your exact requirements.

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The benefits of automation are wide-ranging.  It reduces cost and risk, while increasing quality and predictability. 

Find out more about how Jumar MAPS can add value to your CA Gen transformation projects.

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There are many mission critical applications which have been serving their organisations well for 20 years and more. But as applications age they become more and more difficult to maintain and they lag further and further behind what is expected from today's corporate systems. For example they might not integrate well, or they don't offer web and mobile user interfaces. But the development effort required to support the new requirements can be huge and these projects tend not to get off the ground as a result.

More and more of our enterprise customers are facing these common problems and seeking assistance to modernise or rewrite these key applications. We support them with Jumar MAPS which offers a standardised low-risk approach and transformation tools which in many cases can automate the entire modernisation process.

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Because of the spaghetti-like nature of many legacy application portfolios, many modernisation activities - even, for example, replacing poorly performing functionality with a COTS package - cannot be carried out without first applying some form of componentisation. And adhering to SOA principles is becoming mandatory for new initiatives.

In practice, however, componentisation is extremely hard work and perceived as high-risk. The solution? Jumar MAPS. We have decades of practical experience of CBD and SOA, we understand what needs to be done and we have built automation which, for some environments, can help you achieve the level of componentisation that's right for your situation - without the manual effort.

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Read more about Jumar's approach to modernisation and migration - including the all-important roadmap from the 'as is' to the 'to be' scenarios.

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