consultancy-stock-photo-15678155-architectThere are two main reasons for using consultants: 

  • Consultants can offer specialist skills that you might not have available in-house
  • Consultants can offer experience gained on other similar projects and assignments, helping you to avoid pitfalls, reduce risk and ultimately save time and money

Jumar's view is that the second of these reasons is at least as important as the first. Because of this, we only use consultants who have extensive and relevant experience. And we only consult on subjects that we consider core to what we do.

These subjects include:

CA Gen

Many of us at Jumar have been working with CA Gen since the 1980s and 1990s. Whatever you want to do with your CA Gen portfolio, we can offer advice on the best approach. If you are unsure what you want to do, we can carry out an assessment study and explain your options.

For more information on our CA Gen services, see here.

Architectures, Components and Service-Orientation

We are CBD and SOA specialists and employ architects with a minimum of 15 years large enterprise experience. In fact Jumar was originally founded as a CBD-specialist consultancy. Long before SOA was popular we were helping our customers to untangle large tightly-coupled ‘corporate database’ application portfolios. As the need to integrate systems continues to grow, now typically within a Service-Oriented Architecture framework, this remains one of our most in-demand subject areas.

For more information on our Architecture services, see here.

Development Processes and Tools

Jumar has extensive experience of the working practices of dozens of large private enterprises and government departments around the world. We are often consulted to assess current practices and recommend improvements.

Agile Development and the Agile Platform

As committed adopters of Agile, and experts in the use of the OutSystems Platform, we share our experiences and knowledge with others. We help companies wishing to adopt Agile, and those who wish to review or assess its effectiveness within their organisation.

We also provide various consultancy and support packages for organisations starting out with the OutSystems Platform.

For more information on our approach to Agile development, see here.