Cloud-skilled consultants

GPS-logo-for-general-useJumar recognises the challenges faced by organisations to stay ahead of emerging technologies.  

We have been providing consultants skilled in cloud computing, for many years, and our extensive background in IT has provided a solid foundation on which to build our cloud-skilled consultancy offering.

Jumar’s team of highly-experienced professionals specialise in gaining a full understanding of your requirements surrounding

  • Cloud computing / cloud technologies
  • Mobile-commerce (M-commerce)
  • E-Commerce (including SEO and web analytics)
  • Cloud application development (including mobile-specific apps)
  • User Experience Management and Product Management

…and a wide range of digital technologies. 


As with all our consultancy provision options, the delivery models are flexible and tailored to the client requirement. Extensive checks (background, financial, personality profiling) can be carried out on consultants who are delivered via:

  • Jumar's extensive database of cloud skilled consultants
  • Our own cloud-skilled employees
  • Associates 
  • Cloud-skilled consultants who have worked extensively on assignments with Jumar 
  • Consultants who have worked for Jumar's Solutions Division

For more information about the provision of cloud-skilled contractors, please contact us.