Architectures and SOA

AppdevWe understand the principles of encapsulation and isolation and have been helping our customers employ these principles to good effect for many years. But we are also pragmatists. We recognise that our job is not to implement the perfect theoretical architecture; it’s to create a flexible environment for the most effective delivery of IT services to the business. This is not the same thing.

Our experience helps us decide where we should make compromises to achieve flexibility; where rigid application of a theoretical principle is not the right thing in a particular scenario. We can do this because we are CBD (Component Based Development) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) specialists and employ architects with a minimum of 15 years large enterprise experience. Long before SOA was popular we were helping our customers to untangle large tightly-coupled ‘corporate database’ application portfolios.


We can help you untangle your tightly-coupled application portfolio, allowing you to integrate, substitute, wrap, expose and consume software assets in the most efficient and flexible manner. The first step is typically to create (or review) a component architecture or SOA, although the need for this and the level of detail vary depending on the context.

Once the architecture and the principles upon which it is based are well defined, we can outline the roadmap to the end goal. Normally this involves defining interfaces, creating components and services and replacing existing functionality with equivalent interface-based service calls. For CA Gen customers, we can automate this process.

As the need to integrate systems continues to grow exponentially, typically within a Service-Oriented Architecture, this remains one of our most in-demand subject areas. If you have a complex tightly-coupled set of applications that is hard to maintain and a barrier to business change we can help.