Agile Development

AgileEveryone nowadays claims to be ‘doing Agile’. But the truth is that very few actually are. ‘Doing Agile’ is more than just having a scrum meeting once a day and scheduling regular demos for users. While these techniques are good, they aren’t enough to get you the fundamental improvements that Agile - done properly - really offers.

Sadly, in many cases we see Agile being used as an excuse for not doing things properly: no need to write a spec, let’s just start building something. That’s not how we work. Doing Agile properly actually requires even more thoroughness and commitment than before, but it’s worth it to get applications that really do what the business needs, and only what the business needs.

Are you really being Agile? 

Agile-thumbWatch our brief YouTube video which looks at various aspects of Agile development, and analyses the mistakes often made by companies who claim to be 'doing Agile', but in reality, aren't.

In the video, Jumar's CTO, and Agile development expert - Doug Michael - demonstrates how it's not just about the half-hearted use of agile terminology and a handful of team meetings. 

How can it be done properly? 

Jumar’s founding partners and core team all come from a world of software methods and tools; several of us worked with James Martin in the 1980s and went on to be involved in the development of RAD (Rapid Application Development) and later CBD (Component Based Development) methods. We believe that today’s Agile approaches, which have taken the best of these methods and applied some radical new thinking, are the most productive and low-risk ways to develop business systems. We use Agile on all our internal projects and on outsourced customer projects where it makes sense (and we are allowed).

Outsourcing your development projects to be done in an iterative Agile way offers you more predictability and control in terms of budget and timescales, and you get far better value for money from the end result because it actually fits the business need.

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Enabled by the OutSystems Platform

We specialise in the use of the OutSystems Platform for development of web business applications (both internal and internet) and are proud to be an OutSystems UK Delivery Partner.

Outsystems Application Flow 

The Outsystems Platform is a highly productive development environment and runtime platform that enables us to design and build rich web-based and mobile systems in a simple and highly productive way. Tell us what you need and we’ll size and estimate it for you, free of charge.