CA Gen Upgrade

Jumar accelerates the upgrade from old, unsupported versions of CA Gen to the latest version, using the Jumar MAPS suite of automation software.


There are a number of drivers behind the need to upgrade IT systems, including governance and legislative requirements. However, the need to retain a competitive edge is the issue which resonates most with many businesses – and that can only happen with a reliable, scalable and flexible IT system.

Jumar’s upgrade assessment service enables you to identify issues before starting an upgrade, allowing you to plan and estimate the scope of the projects involved.  Knowing where the issues are – in advance – can greatly lower the associated risks and costs.  

UAintoolJumar has developed a range of tools and techniques, based on actual customer situations.  This means project estimates are more accurate as they are based on real-life scenarios.  The automated approach means that analysis can be carried out in less time than a manual analysis.

The process

MAintoolThe procedure begins with a fact finding visit to your premises to understand the current landscape, followed by workshops to explore how the applications can be modernised and made more strategic.  In the case of CA Gen, Jumar’s Model Analyser software is then used to process existing models, and to allow queries to be run against them.  

Subsequent interpretation is carried out by Jumar’s team of highly experienced consultants which culminates in the production of an in-depth report detailing recommendations and best practice to achieve them. 

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