CA Gen (COOL:Gen) Modernisation

modernisationMany organisations are still using CA Gen applications that were first developed in the 1980s and 1990s, and these applications are still performing critical functions for those businesses.

But the IT challenges today are very different and there is increasing pressure to re-architect, re-interface, upgrade, re-platform, expose and integrate – all different flavours of modernisation.

Modernisation of CA Gen applications is Jumar’s speciality. We have analysed precisely what needs to be done to achieve the different types of modernisation – based on our experience gained on numerous projects around the world - and have built software tools to automate the transitions.

What can be automated? 

Jumar can automatically:

  • Split block mode applications into clients and servers
  • Expose business logic contained in servers and action blocks as web services
  • Generate new template based web clients from screen designs
  • Implement functional isolation to reduce coupling and enable functional substitution and replacement strategies in support of SOA

Jumar MAPS was created to solve these problems. Tasks considered too time consuming and expensive, that when attempted manually resulted in many modernisation projects never getting off the ground.

Work with our team to define your particular modernisation needs. They will identify the necessary tasks and tailor the software to meet your automation requirements exactly.