CA Gen Consultancy and Outsourcing


Sharing our Experience

We have a team of experts in CA Gen (also known as COOL:Gen and Advantage:Gen among others).  And when we say experts we mean it; they are probably unrivalled by any other company in the world. Several have been working with CA Gen for more than 20 years. What we don’t know about CA Gen isn't worth knowing and whatever you want to do with your CA Gen portfolio we can advise on how best to achieve it.

Assessment, Strategy, Roadmap and Project Planning

Because we are close to so many CA Gen-using organisations, our customers look to us to help them get the most out of their environments by sharing our knowledge of what’s possible and the types of strategy other companies are adopting. Sometimes we even put customers in touch with one another so that they can network and share knowledge amongst themselves.

On any strategy project, and before carrying out any major initiative such as a CA Gen modernization or migration exercise, we typically carry out an assessment study. These assessments differ depending on context but always involve an automated analysis of your CA Gen portfolio and additional information gathering and conclude with recommendations and options for achieving your specified goals.

Project Execution

On key projects, customers often use our consultants to assist in the actual management or delivery of the project.

Health Check

We have specific tooling to analyse and report on the health of a CA Gen application portfolio. Over time the data held in CA Gen encyclopedias can become corrupted which can in turn lead to problems and failures, often after lying unnoticed for several years. Our health check detects such corruptions and they can subsequently be eliminated using our specialist software designed explicitly for this purpose.

CA Gen outsourcing 

As experts in CA Gen, we understand what it takes to develop and maintain CA Gen applications as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For organisations that are using CA Gen strategically, but are constrained by availability of resources, outsourcing some aspects of CA Gen development and maintenance to a specialist organisation that can work in partnership with the in-house IT department is a valid option. Jumar has assisted several organisations in this way, effectively extending their in-house CA Gen capability.

Companies where CA Gen is no longer strategic often face a different problem: they have one or more mission-critical CA Gen applications that they cannot simply replace, but they can’t justify maintaining a complete CA Gen support environment and infrastructure. The answer here is simple: let us take it over for you.