CA Gen Support and Development

Key facts

An outsourced service which allows CA Gen users to:

  • facilitate improvements, development, maintenance and support of their portfolio by utilising the skills of the world’s leading provider of CA Gen services
  • remove the headaches of dealing with legacy technology which may be tightly-coupled, poorly-documented or not fully-understood.
  • address issues surrounding scarcity of CA Gen resources
  • allow existing resources to focus on activities which add business value, rather than distracting them with day-to-day maintenance
  • reduce risk by benefitting from global experts in this technology, who are supported by their own range of analysis, acceleration and transformation tooling.

The challenge

The majority of CA Gen users rely on the platform to develop core business applications.  Many of these applications will have been in use for years – often decades – and underpin critical functions.

As many organisations contemplate their future strategy with such legacy technologies, the range of options open to them tend to be many and complex.  Coupled with the inevitable decline in available skills, it can often be difficult to confidently devise a clear roadmap for the future.

Jumar’s CA Gen Development and Support offering addresses these concerns by:

  • outsourcing the day-to-day maintenance of the system to its unrivalled team of CA Gen experts (service can be provided on-site, off-site or co-located)
  • executing improvements to the system while maintaining it (for example by cleaning up unused/redundant objects, adding new functionality, modernising interfaces etc.) 
  • allowing, often scarce, internal resources with considerable business knowledge to concentrate on areas of the IT estate where they can add real value
  • facilitating the creation of a strategic modernisation roadmap, based on Jumar’s extensive expertise of modernising CA Gen estates
  • absorbing peaks and troughs in demand for skilled CA Gen resources.  When internal requirements, or regulatory changes mandate amendments to the sysem, this is taken up by Jumar’s team of CA Gen consultants and developers with no need for the business to recruit/resource additional developers, standing them down when demand has subsided
  • effectively ‘delegating the risk’ inherent in a legacy system to a provider with the necessary heritage with the platform (many of our consultants have more than a decade of experience, with a great number of others having being involved in its initial development).  Fixed price arrangements can also be considered.

Delegate the risk

CA Gen systems tend to be highly dependable and very stable.  However, with any system which has been developed and enhanced over the years, there is always a risk that documentation may be out-of-date or the tightly-coupled nature of those applications can hinder future development.

Further, any lack of documentation or understanding of a system tends to be a natural inhibitor to outsourcing.

However, Jumar’s CA Gen Development and Support service removes these common issues by including unlimited access to Jumar MAPS automated analysis tools.  This tooling automatically builds up a complete picture of the entire application portfolio, its interdependencies and its contents.  These Model Analysis exercises and subsequent reporting are the key initial stage in any project carried out by Jumar, and they will be carried out by default at the beginning of any support and development engagement (free of charge) to give full visibility of the CA Gen implementation on the estate.

Whatever the strategy, outsourcing adds value

CA Gen users tend to fall into common categories.  Whichever category best describes your organisation, transitioning the support and development of your CA Gen estate to Jumar adds considerable benefits to support the roadmap for the future.


For more information on how Jumar's CA Gen Support and Development service can add value to your CA Gen estate, or facilitate your plans for the future, please contact us.