CA Gen (COOL:Gen, AllFusion Gen)

FLEXytthumbnewsWe are world leaders in the application, implementation and automation of CA Gen (also known by previous names including COOL:Gen, AllFusion Gen, Advantage:Gen and IEF Composer).

Whatever your strategy, we recommend that you watch our 2 minute video on Jumar FLEX - an automated approach which underpins any CA Gen modernisation or transformation exercise.


We lead the world in automated CA Gen modernization. Operating on the source models, we can apply scripted updates to make all necessary changes to meet your specific modernisation requirements - quickly, accurately and without tying up your expensive CA Gen staff. 

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Gain personalised insights into opportunities for improving your CA Gen system. 

An analysis of a representative model sub-set will supported by our world-class automation tooling with interpretation and strategic recommendations by our senior CA Gen consultants.

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Ensure your CA Gen system is running the latest, supported version.  Automation simplifies this.

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An outsourced service to develop, maintain and support CA Gen application portfolios, while introducing improvements, modernising or facilitating a migration to alternative technologies.

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