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Jumar's YouTube video channel can be found here - but all our videos will also be added below.  

We'll be adding more videos over the coming months, and we are always looking for suggestions on future videos to produce, so please email us with any suggestions. 

Topics in the pipeline include an analysis of the effectiveness of Agile Development, along with a number of videos about modernising legacy IT systems.


CA Gen: Leverage your investment

IN our second Jumar FLEX video, Mark Hankin demonstrates how to ensure you retain the value built up in your CA Gen system, regardless of what your future strategy for the technology may be.

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Jumar FLEX | CA Gen services


CA Gen: Increase flexibility

Whatever your strategy for CA Gen, Jumar FLEX is an approach which increases flexibility and lowers risk and cost.  Find out more about this pragmatic approach to CA Gen transformation by watching our brief video.   

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Jumar FLEX | CA Gen services


Summer/Autumn 2015 Graduate opportunities

Jumar is looking for IT Graduates (with and without commercial experience) for a range of vacancies at high-profile clients.  We will be holding graduate assessment days to allow shortlisted candidates the opportunity to really shine. 

For more information, watch our brief video.   

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Graduate assessment days | 2015 opportunities 


Why take on apprentices?: Jumar on BBC News

Jumar's Natalie Ball and Andy Holmes are interviewed on the BBC News Channel about the benefits to companies of taking on apprentices.  The coverage formed part of a lead feature on youth employment.  

Jumar has, over the years, taken on a number of apprentices with great success.   

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Agile development: Are you really doing agile? (2/2)

The second bitesize part in our two-part Agile development series, in which we look at misconceptions about the Agile methodology.  

Doug Michael, follows on from the first video with three more scenarios in which organisations misconstrue the 'agility' of their projects.   

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Agile development | Application development 


Agile development: Are you really doing agile? (1/2)

Agile development is regularly the topic of heated discussion - and therefore a number of misconceptions.  

Jumar's CTO, Doug Michael, looks at whether organisations who claim to be 'doing agile' actually are - and examines a number of issues surrounding its use in software development.  

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Agile development | Application development 


IT recruitment: Graduate assessment 

Jumar has redefined the concept of the graduate assessment day.

We hold an intensive selection day comprising a series of well-respected phsychometric tests, combined with team-working exercises and technical challenges, to provide you with an assessment of the 'whole' candidate.

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Graduate Assessment Days | IT recruitment 


Transitioning CA Gen 3270 block mode

Jumar's Gary Mellor takes a look at the challenges involved in transitioning CA Gen 3270 block mode to a more modern interface.

In this example, a web interface is created,l significantly aided by Jumar's 3270Auto software.

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IT Modernisation | CA Gen services


Model analysis in CA Gen development

When considering a CA Gen-related modernisation or development, being able to analyse the large number of models involved in your application portfolio, is crucial.

Model Analyser from Jumar Solutions automates this task and answers these questions quickly, accurately and at a detailed level. 

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